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Blackie resting peacefully on his first night home

Thanks for travelling better with me, my name is Andrew Bradshaw!

I have one rescue rescue dog that I found on the streets of Guatemala, his name is Blackie.

It wasn’t until he was added to my family that I really began to understand the effects of PTSD and anxiety in pets, particularly when they travel.

He would shake and whimper constantly and I knew I couldn’t allow my love of travel have such a profound effect on the dog I cared so much about.

It was time to hit the books.

The problem was… there weren’t many on this subject. Travelling with your pets can be difficult at times, especially if you’re a rescuer.

But it isn’t just dogs: cats, birds, and reptiles all have a difficult and stressful time when travelling. They’re used to a certain type of habitat, and anything other than it will drive them nuts.

That’s why I made Pet Travel Pros. After hundreds of hours of countless research, plenty of personal experience, and talking to the local shelter managers , I finally had a plan.

I travel a lot for work and to see my family out of country, so I take to the skies 2-3 times a month at least.

I started noticing a difference after his new mobile environment was changed out, and in the process, I found a way to let him travel a lot smoother and happier.

That has all led me to you! Your furry friend is someone you can’t leave behind or afford to leave with a sitter, so they’re coming on the road & skies with you to share new experiences and I’m going to help you get from A to B a lot simpler.

Everything on Pet Travel Pros comes from a place of extensive knowledge and more experience than I care to mention. Let’s make your journey a little bit easier, one stop at a time.